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'Bhagwat' sponsored Modi government crushing farmers - Mohan Prakash

Nagpur, Dec 5: Farmers in the country should repeal the Black Agriculture Act from last year. Are agitating for this demand. Instead of taking notice of them, the Bhagwat-sponsored Modi government became brutal. Three jeeps were loaded on the body of the farmer. Crushed and killed farmers. This allegation was made by Mohan Prakash, spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee. City Congress President MLA Vikas Thackeray and Umakant Agnihotri were present on the occasion.
  Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Khattar says 'Jaise Ko Taisa', then Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Mishra says, 'If you don't get better, it will be fixed in two minutes!' !
In Lakhimpur, the Yogi government does not allow the leaders of any political party to leave. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was arrested. What happened to Priyanka Gandhi has never happened in this country. The Yogi government also treated Congress MP Dipendra Hooda inhumanely. However, he never misbehaved with his opponents. Only when the situation of communal riots arose did he implement strict administration.
Mohan Prakash criticized the Modi government for doing 'nudity' in this country. The dictatorship was so bad that even Priyanka Gandhi was not allowed to meet the families of the deceased.
Modi govt loses Rs 8,500 crore from Amazon
"I came here from a recent meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in Nagpur," he said, adding that small traders and entrepreneurs had collapsed during Modi's tenure. Modi's 'policy' is to destroy the small traders in the country. The 'Great Indian Festival' has started abroad. It concluded that the Modi government had taken a bribe of Rs 8,550 crore from Amazon. Now Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat should tell where the money went? Modi has already lost 14 crore jobs. Bhagwat's Prime Minister is a humble volunteer, isn't he? Then why is this happening in the country?
Bhagwat's patriotism ......
I am in Nagpur today, that is why I am taking Bhagwat's name. Because Nagpur is a Sanghbhumi. Bhagwat is a patriot. Then why 41 ordinance factories were privatized in the country? There were tears in the eyes of the patriots when the country's proud 'Ashoka Chakra' was brought down from these factories. Who will get 62,000 acres of land for these factories? Where will millions of employees go? He asked.
Economic imperialism ...
Modi's 'profiteering' has reached such a point that even the country's army is being harassed by foreigners for ammunition. Is the country's largest insurance company, LIC, also being privatized? Bhagwat and Modi may not need this insurance company. However, it is the lifeblood of the country. The company has 12 lakh agents in the country, they are also giving money to the Modi government, but still the Modi government is selling the company, Modi is creating 'economic imperialism' in the country and Modi is the world's 'puppet' government. Performed by Mohan Prakash.
Mudra Port Drug Connection ...
How is it that thousands of crores of narcotics are often found at or near Adani's Mudra port? Why was Adani not arrested and interrogated? Modi had already paid them, stocks of drugs were also found at Hazira port, is the country being sold to Adani now?
"Political slavery can be fought for a while but no country can fight economic slavery," he said. He pointed out that inflation lasts for only two-three months in any country but in our country it is not inflation but 'looting' and Modi has a share in this looting. He said that action would have been taken, the way would have been paved.
He alleges that Congress has done nothing. They are selling. Who created it? We built the country. The Modi government is selling the country. This is the difference between Congress and BJP. The Modi government is planning to sell the for-profit government companies and establishments.
In 2008, when we were in the throes of a global recession, we implemented a Rs 35,000 crore MGNREGA scheme in the country. He alleged that it was only 'Lrutichi'
They pass a bill in Parliament in 5 minutes, what is it if it is not a dictatorship? Opposition, the intelligentsia of the country, the judiciary do not discuss it with anyone.
Mahaphel Modi ...
Adani grew up during the Congress regime