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Buddhist circuit to be extended to ET Khoe : Nitin Gadkari

Nagpur, Oct14: The 'ET Khoe has an emotional significance in the life of Tathagata Gautam Buddha. In Nepali, 'ET Khoe' means 'Yahi Kho Gaya'. In time, the place came to be called a ET Khoe. This place is in the state of Jharkhand. Before going to Buddhagaya, Tathagata had come to Itkhori. King Shuddhodhan's companions came there in search of him. Met the Tathagatas. Requested to go back. The Tathagatas listened to him. He then walked towards the forest. He appeared under a Bodhi tree after a long time. They will be in that area. See you someday. With this hope, father Raja Shuddhodan, wife Yashodhara, son Rahul and the soldiers who love them very much are coming to the area. Giving voice. Searching. Disappointed. Going away with a heavy heart. The family shed tears over his demise. How many tears of bereavement the family must have shed in this area. Not imagining them. However, they were not discovered. Call it the emotional moment in the life of the Tathagata Buddha or the turning point.
Announcement of Lord Buddha on TV
On the occasion of Dhamma Chakra Enforcement Day, Lord Buddha TV's team met Union Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. Discussed the Buddhist circuit. Gadkari then said, Lumbini to Kushinagar. Added places from birth to Nirvana. These include Lumbini - place of birth, Buddhagaya - Bodhi tree, Sarnath - first sermon, Vaishali - last sermon, Kushinagar - Mahanirvana, Rajgir and Srivasti - many rainy days, Nalanda and Kapilvastu. These places are in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Lumbini is in Nepal. But we took this route to the border of India. From there, Lumbini is just a few kilometers away, ”he said. When members of Lord Buddha TV turned their attention to the Itkhori site in the state of Jharkhand, Gadkari immediately announced the extension of the Buddhist circuit to Itkhori. He also said that he left the place due to lack of information. A large number of Buddha relics are found in this area. Many idols and coins were also found. Pansa Stupa in Palamu area, Koteshwar Sahastra Buddha, Shaharvira, Karan sites will also be added. Remains are also deposited in the museum.
Buddhist path in progress
 Gadkari said about Rs 20,000 crore would be spent on the Buddhist Path project (circuit). The work will be completed by 2025. Some buildings will be erected on this road and in places. It will have the imprint of Buddhist culture. Along the way some statues, murals will be erected. A large number of Buddhist tourists come from abroad. They want to know the past glory of the Buddha's time. Other departments are also working with the road construction department. Their budget is different. The road department plants trees on the side of the road. Care is being taken that the tree should be in accordance with the Buddhist culture.
Airport in Kushinagar
Gadkari said that there are a large number of Buddhists in the world. Siddhartha Buddha was born and died in India. Therefore, Buddhists from all over the world come to India in large numbers. Emphasis on their facilities will further increase their proportion. Work is being done with this in mind. Accordingly, an airport is being set up at Kushinagar. This will enable Buddhist tourists from Japan and other countries to reach Kushinagar directly. Foreign tourists will accelerate the development of this area. Tourism will increase. It will increase hotel business and employment. Good and easy facilities will increase the number of tourists. All projects will be completed by 2025. Gadkari also appealed to organize Buddhist pilgrimages from Maharashtra. He also said that development work of Dragen Palace, Chicholi and Deekshabhoomi of Kamathi has been accelerated.
Thousands of tourists still visit that place. They remember that moment. Then they get emotional. Their eyes water. Tears well up in the eyes of many. How many times have you been to that place? How many successes have passed. The direction in which Tathagata went. They must be looking in that direction. This place also broke up recently. He was earlier in Bihar state. The state of Bihar became Jharkhand and Bihar two states. So the brick kiln went to the state of Jharkhand.