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Darwin's birthday is easily this postphrase

The birth story of Charles Darwin's book 'Origin of Species' was told in the past. Today it tells the birth story of his world famous theory.
This story is just as interesting.
Do you know exactly how Darwin proposed the theory of evolution? Why didn't he bring it to the world before? What was the reaction of the people to this theory?
Want to know? Says ..
Darwin's birth story ?????? his family's medical background ??? his journey aboard the Ramram-Beagle shipwreck due to fear of blood, and his observations from it ?????? have already been told.
On the island of Galapagos off the west coast of South America, he studied the similarities and differences of many species ?????? meticulously recorded-wrote a book but was overwhelmed by the ignorant fisherman who told Darwin, I can tell you from the island. ”
This is exactly the reason why Darwin wanted to find out, but what is the difference between him and the fishing community?
‘Research’ is driven by rational thinking.
After much thought, Darwin came to the conclusion that the islands may have been the only land that was later separated by a natural transition, which led to some natural changes, and this changed the natural food environment on the island.
The sparrows, which had strong beaks, ate only fruit on an island, and those with hollow beaks starved to death, but those who survived created a generation that could adapt to the future. So only sparrows with small and strong beaks appeared in that place.
In short what? The observation is that,
??Nature prepares living beings to live on its own ..
Every living thing behaves-eats-lives according to the situation ..
Whoever doesn't get it loses ..
Three things appear in this theory, the first of which is 'diversity'.
Life is huge but it has many similarities. These are creatures that, despite being similar, remain isolated by circumstances.
The other thing is competition..if there are more creatures on earth than capacity, there is competition for survival, there is struggle ... then this struggle may be natural between them. Nature makes room for itself.
The third is choice. If there is competition or struggle, only those who can adapt to the situation will survive.
Darwin then studied fossils.
He began to make observations about human evolution from the fact that he saw many of the properties of animals hundreds of years ago in today's animals.
Darwin linked the above theory to man and observed that "man evolved from ape".
Although Darwin wrote it all down in writing, he never told anyone except his two friends.
One of the reasons for this is that in Christianity at that time there was no such thing as 'human evolution'.
In the Bible, God himself says that Adam and Eve were sent to earth, and this is how the world came to be.
Will the world accept such an idea? He was brainwashed by the thought but he did not come forward and express his opinion.
Fifteen years later, Darwin met an ally named Alfred Wallace.
The only question that kept popping up all year was, "Did the living things you see look the same in the past?"
When he asked Darwin the same question on a trip, Darwin gave a secret answer.
From that discussion, he realized, "You've really come up with something out of the ordinary."
But Wallace had written the same thing before taking the question.
When they were invited to present their research at a large science conference, they both shared the same findings.
But Wallace humbly acknowledged that Darwin was the first to discover the theory of evolution.
All of this was a huge surprise to the world of science.
But the surprise didn't end there.
Wallace went on to write his only book on Darwin's theory, Darwinism.
The layout was done but now the question was 'How to find this evolution?'
This question was answered in 1860 by Gregor Mendel, a church worker in Austria.
That answer is DNA.
Unfortunately, when Mendel's records were discovered, it was observed that Mendel had left the world by the time he realized it was a big discovery.
When Darwin's theory came out, he was also criticized.
A church in England was even directly attacked.
Even then, religion proved to be incompatible with science, but 126 years after his death, his theory came true.
The same church issued a pamphlet 126 years after Darwin's departure, apologizing to Darwin.
Darwin was hated as an atheist at the time, but he did not call himself an atheist but an agnostic.
Darwin's Birthday Easily Postpunched!
Dr. Pragyawant Devalekar