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Jitendra Awhad's reply to the criticism from Maharashtra Bandh

MUMBAI: The Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA) on Monday called a shutdown in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case in Uttar Pradesh. BJP leaders strongly criticized the bandh, targeting the ruling party leaders. Former Chief Minister of the state and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Devendra Fadnavis, while replying to Sharad Pawar's Jallianwala Bagh criticism, had recalled Maval's firing. Meanwhile, State Housing Minister Jitendra Awhad has responded to the criticism from the bandh while talking to the media.

BJP will not do anything in this regard. They will not remove Mishra from the cabinet, because that is their rites and culture. The father should be ashamed. How can my son behave like this. It was a scene that brought the city to life. When the man in front was seen, he put the car on his body. Jitendra Awhad said that it did not show that one of them shot the person who fell down with a revolver. Jitendra Awhad also gave the example of George Floyd of America. The incident can be compared to him, because it shows the power struggle, he said.
Was the closure forced? It is a matter of inquiry, but it is true that it was closed. Hang him, do anything but this time the question is humane, he said. He lamented that not a single word of grief came from the ruling party, which means that the law we will do, we have come to power.
A farmer was hit by a vehicle in Lakhimpur Kheri and police opened fire in Maval. Is there a difference between the police and the general public? Is Ajay Mishra licensed to smash and crush anything? Arrested after four days… What a power struggle. Is there any law or incident in this country? If the poor die, nothing will happen. Will the rich feel bad only if they die ?, he asked this time.
Let the opponents say what they want to say, they should remove Maval or something else. But the Indian people are outraged that the son of a central leader has put a car on their bodies and two cars have passed over them. There is civilization in human culture in India. This is the country of Mahatma Gandhi, who represents non-violence. He also said that he had nothing to do with what Nathuram's chicks felt.
Suffering from an inhuman act is a philosophy of humanity. That incident shows the rise of power. If you don't feel bad about this incident, then this is not the culture of Maharashtra. No matter who the farmer is, he is in this country. The beehives you eat have come from there. This shows the value of your written farmers, said Awhad. He is an opponent, he would say so, but if he had said two words, he would have shown humanity in him, he replied to Fadnavis' criticism this time.