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Shefali Verma Shining Test Debut in a cricket match

Shefali Verma Shining Test
Debut in a cricket match

At first
Shafali, who scored 96 runs in the match.
Hit a high for a century and a record
Deprived of centuries. Shafali hit a high shot
Then everyone started talking about her hungry century
Will be. The first Indian to score a century in his debut
Shafali's honor of being a women's cricketer
Briefly hooked. Although the century was missed, this game
Shafali in the homes of cricket fans around the world
However, it is true.
Shafali Verma's cricket journey is exciting. True
So she inherited cricket from home.
Cricket from her older brother local cricket club
Want to play, but don't want a girl on your club team
He used to avoid Shafali. Many women experience this
Will be taken by the players. Shafali's father
Given her passion for playing cricket
Paved the way. They pretty much cut her hair.
After that, Shafali started looking like a child.
What is special is that the fate of this change also changed. Her
The brother once fell ill and Shafali's brother
Got a chance to play from the club. Of this opportunity
Shafali literally made gold. While playing in the children's competition
Both the man of the match and the man of the series were honored
"Hum bhi kuch kum nahi" on the cricket field
India's greatest cricketer and Bharat Ratna Sachin
Shafali, who considers Tendulkar as his role model, is an Indian
Debut from women's cricket team in T20 match
It is special that Sachin's record was broken.
To play in T20 match against South Africa
When Shafali got the chance, she was only 15 years old
Was. At the age of 15 in T20 cricket tournament
Debuting Shafali is India's youngest
Became a player playing in international cricket.
Tendulkar made his cricketing debut at the age of 16.
Shafali also set Sachin Tendulkar's record of 30 years ago
Pushed back. Bat with your aggressive style
Even the practice of breaking the record with a shuffle
Started from the debut. The first test
Even while playing, Shafali set a record.
The first to come from the Indian women's team
Shafali is the first Indian to score 96 runs in an innings
Is a female player. As well as half-centuries in both innings
She also got the man of the match honor by celebrating.
Haryana, which always promotes athletes
January 28 at Rohtak in the state
Born in 2004. Shafali from the beginning
The bowlers have a habit of breaking down. She as needed
Offspin also bowls. In T20 cricket match
After making her debut, she scored 776 in just 22 matches
International T20 Cricket Rankings
Got first place and maintained it
Is. Shafali after seeing the performance in T20 matches
In the Indian women's team for Tests
Came. England's Test match after seven years
Tinebristol from the touring Indian team
Made his debut on the county ground. First
While playing Tests, Shafali combined for 159 in both innings
(96, 63) Scores are special. Both in the test
Influence of your aggressive style with Shafali in the innings
It also had a big impact on cricket experts. Around the world
If Sehwag ever batted cricket fans
Ever got a glimpse of Sachin's style.
Beautiful style of Sachin and Sehwag in Shafali
Milaf can be seen. Naturally Shafali
When she is on the field, her game is worth watching.
She was in Rohtak when Shafali was just nine years old
Went here to watch the Ranji match.
 Cricket is on Shafali's mind
To pursue a career. With the support of the father
Shafali has been in the Indian women's cricket team for a short time
Located. After T20, she got a place in the Test team
Had to give. Now Shafali Sunday against England
To make his ODI debut
Is ready. All three at such a young age
Shafali is an Indian woman playing in the format
Will be a cricketer.
Debut in T20 against South Africa
Followed by a series against the West Indies
Shafali got a chance to play. At first
She was the lowest by celebrating a half-century in a match
The first Indian woman to hit a half-century
Acquired the honor of cricketer. In this series she
He scored 158 runs in five matches. After this series
Shafali never looked back. Then the three
Jump to first place in world T20 rankings
She is still alive today.
In fact, Shafali Verma's career is only 23
Of matches. There are 22 T20s and one Test
The match is included. In such a short career
Cricket fans with their aggressive style
There is no doubt that it has found a place in the heart. T-20
You have to hit an aggressive shot on every ball in the match
Takes. But in Tests, you have to play with restraint.
Shafali with aggression in the first Test
He also introduced restraint. Only 96
He should avoid offensive shots while on the run
It will continue to feel that way. In the coming period
He is sure to break many records.