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The IT Act enacted by the Government of India is part of a broader political policy; Opinion of the CEO of WhatsApp

New Delhi: WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart has said that the new IT law implemented by the Indian government threatens the safety and privacy of users. He also said that other countries in the world are likely to follow India's rules.

In an interview with The Verge, Will Cathcat said that under the new IT law, if the central government wants information about something that seems offensive, it can make such a request to a social media company. If the government asks WhatsApp for information about who is the original source of a chat or message, or who created it, it will have to provide it. This could lead to a breach of end-to-end encryption rules and endanger the safety of users.
Will Cathcutt further said that this is a political and technical issue and a law has been framed by the Government of India and is being applied to the Indian people. In my opinion, because it is part of a broader political policy, it puts pressure on other countries and has to be emulated.
In February this year, the Indian government issued a notice announcing the implementation of a new IT law in the country. The law has been in force since May 26. All social media companies had opposed the government's law. WhatsApp and Twitter had even taken the matter to court.