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The Supreme Court cannot assume that all deaths in the second wave of corona were due to negligence

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has ruled that all the deaths in the second wave of corona were due to negligence. The court on Wednesday (September 8) rejected a petition filed by relatives of Corona patients seeking compensation for medical negligence. At this time, the petitioner Deepak Raj Singh was directed to approach the concerned authorities with his instructions. Y. A bench of justices Chandrachud, Vikram Nath and Hima Kohli said.

The bench said it would be very wrong to assume that every death in the second wave of corona was due to negligence. Considering the huge impact of the second wave across the country, it cannot be assumed that all the deaths are due to negligence. Therefore, what is being said in your petition cannot be taken into consideration by the court in adjudicating the judgment.
He also referred to a judgment of the Supreme Court dated 3021. It directed the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to recommend appropriate guidelines within six weeks for the family members of those killed by the corona to receive gracious assistance funds for the loss of life. In giving this verdict, the court has considered from the point of view of humanity and not because of negligence. The government has not yet announced a policy in this regard. The court also said that if you have any suggestions regarding the implementation of that policy, you can definitely contact the concerned authority.

The bench also said that a number of developments have taken place since the petition was filed in May. We have focused ourselves on the preparations that are underway in the Corona background. The court has set up a national task force. Which is considering many aspects. The court further told Parakat that the second wave of corona was such that it could have a general effect of medical negligence as it had a huge impact on the entire country.