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The beauty queen divorced and became richer than the queen

Christy Bertarelli is back in the limelight in her fifties. But this time she is in the discussion for a different reason, which is the reason she got a divorce. Christie's divorce is not uncommon because the money she received about the divorce has made her richer than Britain's Queen Elizabeth.
It is a blessing to have beauty, name, fame, and wealth at the same time. Christie is fortunate in this respect. Britain's beauty queen is still the talk of the world after her divorce. After 20 years with her husband, Armesto, they are now separated. Christy is not only a beauty queen but she is also known as a model, popsinger and has a large fan base. Christie has received 350 million since her divorce from her husband Armisto. The couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in July. His photos were flashed on Instagram. The couple is said to have divorced without any fuss.
Christie's fortune has risen to more than ?? 400 million as a result of the divorce, and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is estimated to have a fortune of ? 360 million. Christie's husband, Armesto, is the richest man in Switzerland, and it is estimated that the yachts on which the two spent their vacation cost 2.5 million. Armesto is known to the world as a Swiss pharma tycoon. Christie has now become the richest British divorcee.