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Uday Samant gave important information about starting colleges in the state

Mumbai: Schools in the state will start functioning from October 4. But no word yet on when the colleges will start. However, the state's Minister for Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant has given important information about starting colleges now while talking to media in Mumbai today.

Speaking on the occasion, Samant said, "We plan to start colleges with due care so that the incidence of corona does not increase." But, the score is the important issue. We want to start a college by thinking about how to prepare a formula for it. The academic year starts from 1st November. But, in the past, there was a misconception that colleges will start from then on. According to UGC and AICTE, colleges should be started from November 1. But since we have Diwali at that time, colleges cannot be started during that time. Only then will the college be started. We are in that consideration.
Samant further said that there is a flood situation in Maharashtra at present. Natural disasters have occurred in many parts of the state. As a result, some students could not take the CET exam. We have decided to take the exam once again so that they are not harmed. Colleges cannot be started without passing the CET examination. Therefore, if this examination is delayed, the date for starting colleges will go further. Where the prevalence of corona is low, there is no problem in starting colleges. The decision will be taken in consultation with the State Action Force and the Chief Minister.