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Uddhav Thackeray backs government for bullet train connecting Uparajdhani with the capital

Aurangabad, Dec. 17: If you are going to train a bullet train connecting Uparajdhani with the capital, no presentation has been given. However, it will work. I am with you. The government is behind you. This is the word of the government, said Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.
He was speaking at the Marathwada Liberation Day program. Earlier, Minister of State for Railways Raosaheb Danve mentioned the Nagpur-Mumbai bullet train. Thackeray was talking while holding this thread. He said that politics should be put aside and development should come together. I like the train. He made a mischievous statement that if he had to come, he would have to come back. What will happen in politics? It cannot be said. I had come for the meeting of Shiv Sena chief in 1987-88. I was sitting on a terrace watching. He was not even in politics. Now he had to come on the platform as the Chief Minister. He narrated this experience.
Referring to the demand for Zilla Parishad building, Thackeray said, "I will definitely get the funds. But I will look after the accounts and work. I don't want mere coconuts. She wants a nice gym. She doesn't want an exercise school. You need to be able to straighten your limbs a little. They are also human beings. The sanctity of that temple should be preserved. People should look at the office. There are schools from the Nizam period. We are building good schools there.
He further said, to call Marathwada Mukti Din and to quarrel among themselves. To take care of incompetence.
Thackeray's riddle ....!
While the journalists were paying attention to Chandrakant Patil's statement, they proceeded to listen to the proverb 'discussion is loud and loud'. At the same time, he said that something could happen in politics.
Referring to climate change, Thackeray said, "You have to keep your mouth shut and keep your distance." Clouds, rain falls somewhere. Farmers also have problems. He also said that there is an attempt to give justice.