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Vinayak Raut's reply to Narayan Rane's criticism of Shiv Sena from Chippewa Airport

Mumbai: The atmosphere has heated up in the state for the last two days regarding the Chippewa Airport in Konkan. Who really owns the airport? This has triggered a round of counter-claims between Shiv Sena and Narayan Rane. Narayan Rane, on the other hand, has claimed that the entire credit for the Chippewa airport goes to the BJP. He also announced that he would make a big ruckus during the inauguration.

Narayan Rane had targeted the poster campaign of Shiv Sena and especially Vinayak Raut. Speaking on the occasion, Vinayak Raut said, "Today is a happy day for all of us who are honestly playing the role of public representatives." Shiv Sena does not need to make posters. The airport was started in 1999. The first Bhoomi Pujan took place in 2003 and the second in 2009. He often performed Bhoomi Pujan. But in the true sense, the work of the airport started from 2016 Vinayak Raut said.

Meanwhile, Narayan Rane also fell in the grip of Raut. People living in glass houses, steeped in corruption should not dare to accuse others. Looking at the way Shiv Sena has worked in Sindhudurg in the last two years, we are ready to organize Panchnama anytime. "We have no reason to panic," Raut said.

Meanwhile, Narayan Rane has claimed that Shiv Sena has done nothing for Chippewa airport and has also brought permission for it. Speaking on this, Vinayak Raut said, 4 years of Rajya Sabha MP, what did you do to get permission? They need to know whether to criticize or enjoy.