Voice of Maharashtra

Yesterday, 19 thousand 740 corona victims were registered in the country

A total of 19,740 corona cases were reported in the country yesterday. At the same time, the number of active patients in the country has declined. At present there are two lakh 36 thousand 643 active numbers in the country. This is the lowest active patient count in the last seven months. Also, about 94 crore doses of corona vaccine have been given in the country so far. There are currently 8.51 crore doses left.

Meanwhile, 8 crore 51 lakh 99 thousand 386 citizens of Maharashtra have been given doses of corona vaccine. Five crore 94 lakh 64 thousand 201 people took the first dose and two crore 57 lakh 35 thousand 167 people took the second dose. Vaccination is currently in full swing and the state government aims to complete the vaccination by the end of November.
The effects of the second wave of corona in Maharashtra are now diminishing. At present, the number of patients is higher in rural areas than in urban areas and in some districts of Vidarbha, no cases have been reported today. The number of patients has also decreased in Marathwada. Currently, more patients are being found in Ahmednagar in North Maharashtra, some districts in Western Maharashtra and Pune, Mumbai and suburbs.
The daily statistics of corona sufferers in the state are declining. Two thousand 620 new corona cases were registered in the state yesterday. Two thousand 943 patients have been corona free. So far 63 lakh 97 thousand 018 patients in the state have overcome corona. As a result, the cure rate in the state is 97.32 per cent. Meanwhile, 59 corona-infected patients died in the state yesterday.