23 people in Kerala infected with Zika virus, alert issued

New Delhi: After the corona infection, the outbreak of Zika virus is also on the rise in Kerala. In Kerala, an alert has been issued against this background. Similarly, a special team of experts had immediately left Delhi for Kerala. Kerala Health Minister Veena George said an alert has been issued in Kerala against the backdrop of Zika virus. Four new cases of Zika virus have been detected in Kerala and 23 patients have been infected with the virus in Kerala so far.

Outbreaks of Zika virus are on the rise in Kerala. Similarly, Kerala's health minister has issued an alert in the state. Outbreaks of dengue and chikungunya are also on the rise in Kerala along with the Zika virus. According to the information received, these diseases are caused by a single mosquito. A team from Delhi AIIMS, which is on a tour of Kerala, has also alerted other states in the country about the Zika virus. Following this warning, alerts have now been issued to several major cities in the country, including Delhi and Mumbai. Alerts have also been issued to neighboring states of Kerala.
The first case of mosquito-borne disease was reported in Kerala on Thursday. However, after 48 hours, there was an increase in the number of patients infected with the virus. The virus has added to the concerns of the states as well as the central government. A pregnant woman was found to be infected with the Zika virus. But, on Friday, the National Institute of Virology tested 13 more samples. These 13 people were later found to be infected with the Zika virus. Initially, 14 patients were infected with the Zika virus. Now this number has reached 23.