Adverse effects on the securities market if changes in economic policy; Raghuram Rajan

New Delhi: Corona has crippled the world economy, including India. Several countries had to announce economic packages for the corona. Corona's blow also hit the Indian economy. Now that the Corona is under control, the economy is recovering. But the government is also trying to give a new direction to the economy. As a result, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has castigated the Modi government.
Raghuram Rajan has given a stern warning to the central government that major changes in economic policy could adversely affect the securities market. Raghuram Rajan has said that the current policy is helping to curb inflation and increase growth.
Economic policies have helped a lot in controlling inflation. Given the current situation, the RBI also has a great opportunity to strengthen the economy. However, in all these developments, if the government changes its economic policy now, it could have an adverse effect on the bond market, said Rajan.
Meanwhile, the central government aims to grow India's economy to 5 5 trillion by 2024-25. The government has put a lot of emphasis on privatization in this year's budget. But it will not be beneficial for the economy. Rajan had earlier said that there was a mismatch between expenditure and income.