Cabinet approves implementation of National Action Plan for Prevention of Drug Abuse in the State

Mumbai: Drug abuse and drug abuse are on the rise and the main causes of this problem are mental stress, lifestyle changes, social and economic factors. It takes time to plan and prevent it. In view of the constitutional provisions in this regard, the proposal for a National Action Plan to Prevent Alcohol, Alcohol and Drug Abuse through the Department of Social Justice to improve the health, nutrition and quality of citizens was approved by the Cabinet at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting. Given.

A total amount of Rs. 2 crore 74 lakhs for the financial year 2018-19 and a total amount of Rs. 13 crore 70 lakhs for the next five years is being proposed for the approval of the Central Government. The annual income for this purpose is Rs. It was informed at this time that the expenditure of 13 crore 70 lakhs has been approved in the cabinet meeting.