Darda Pitra and Sons sentenced to four years; Court verdict in coal mining scam case

Coal mine allocation scam: The court has sentenced former MP and head of Lokmat news group Vijay Darda to four years in the Chhattisgarh coal mine allocation scam case. Apart from this, his son Devendra Darda has also been sentenced to four years. A special CBI court in Delhi had convicted Darda Pitraputra in the coal mine allocation scam case. After that now the culprits in this case have been sentenced. Darda father and son were accused by the investigating agencies of wrongly getting the mining contract. The contract was awarded to JLD Yavatmal, a company owned by Darda. After that, the court has sentenced Vijay Darda and Devendra Darda to four years.
During the government of United Progressive Alliance at the Centre, the contract for allocation of coal mines in Chhattisgarh was given to a company called JLD Yavatmal. Former MP Vijay Darda was accused by the opposition of wrongly getting the contract in the coal scam case. Many big leaders of the country were accused of corruption in the case of coal scam which became famous all over the country. After the investigation into the scam, several administrative officers were sentenced to prison terms. Political leaders were also questioned. It was claimed that the accused included AAS officers, Deputy Secretary to the Chief Minister and elite brokers.