Discussion with representatives of World Bank for 'State Data Ecosystem'

Nagpur, Dt. 29 : Empowering data-based planning and policy implementation in the state, World Bank representatives discussed with senior officials of the district administration to strengthen and modernize the state data ecosystem.
Additional Collector Asha Pathan, World Bank Representative Malar Veerappan, Prof. Paul Cheung, Thomas Daniwitz, Shreya Dutt, Director Indian Institute of Management Dr. Bhimraya Maitri, Joint Director of Directorate of Finance and Statistics Pramod Kembavi, Regional Directorate of Finance and Statistics Milind Narange, Deputy Director Sanjay Pathak, District Planning Officer Rajesh Gaikwad, Statistics Officer Satish Deshmukh, Nishank Gajbhiye and others were present on this occasion.
The representatives of the World Bank learned about new projects in the district, status of industries, population, working methods and structure of the District Statistics Office.