Ex-servicemen BA in Arts from Andhra University degree will be obtained

Nagpur Dt. 19: BA in Arts between Central Military Board and Andhra University. (H.R.M.) BAHRM) has been contracted to provide degree certificate. This degree certificate is recognized for employment in Central and State Governments as well as other Public Enterprises. The aim is to empower the soldiers who dedicate a major part of their youth life for the defense of the country in the field of education for employment.

Some institutions do not accept the educational certificate obtained by an ex-serviceman at the time of retirement. Therefore, through the agreement with Andhra University, provision has been made for the award of BA (IIRM) Degree Certificate in Arts by Andhra University to qualify and empower ex-servicemen for various jobs. Interested ex-servicemen should take advantage of this opportunity.

Eligibility and conditions for getting degree certificate in Arts for ex-servicemen are as follows. Applicant should be ex-servicemen. Applicant's Education Class XII or equivalent or Special Certificate of Education obtained by Indian Army, Navy, Air Force. Ex-servicemen should not have less than 15 years of service. Must have retired after 1st January 2010. Ex-serviceman with 10th pass, five years course (2 years 12th + 3 years graduation) will be applicable for such candidates.

The course fee of the course is Rs 12 thousand 500 and the applicant should submit his application in the month of April or October only in the concerned District Soldier Welfare Office. For more information visit the website www.ksb.gov.in for circulars/publications or visit the concerned District Soldier Welfare Office.