Kharip uproar for the whole sixty years- Vijayalakshmi Bidri

- Shambar millimeter pound after getting the water.
Nagpur, Date. 08: Full stock of seeds and seeds are available for purchase. Farmers should start watering as soon as the rain reaches millimetres of water. The department has demanded soybean, cottonseed, pigeon pea etc. seeds. Till now 20 lakh 89 thousand 788 hybrid cottonseed packets and 1 lakh 40 thousand 364 quintals of soybean are available for sowing. The information about this was given by departmental commissioner Vijayalakshmi Bidri. Full account is available for Kharip uproar. Allocation of 6 lakh 40 thousand 100 metric tonnes of miscellaneous accounts has been approved for the department, now there is availability of 4 lakh 35 thousand 399 metric tonnes of accounts. Out of its 36 thousand 640 metric tons of Khatan was sold, now 3 lakh 98 thousand 759 metric tons out of which 152 tonnes of Khatan is available for the department. This information was given by Agriculture Co-Director Shankar Totawar. For the Kharip uproar, planning of irrigation system is going to be done in 3 lakh hectare area in Nagpur division. This includes Kapus Pikakhali of 6 lakh 50 thousand hectare area, Tur Pikakhali of 1 lakh 88 thousand, Bhat Pikakhali of 8 lakh 50 thousand area. The department is going to plan the Kharip uproar in 20 lakh 37 thousand hectares of open space and another 21 thousand hectares of open space area. Accordingly, planning has to be done for the advancement of sales and accounts. Farmers doing Kharip Perni should make use of self-irrigated crops. For this, the germination capacity of the seeds should be checked and the necessary material for the seeds should be purchased from authorized dealers and the receipt of the seeds purchased should be kept safely in the packets of the seeds, such appeal has been made by Agriculture Co-director Shankar Totawar.