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Of crops damaged by excessive rainfall Make quick inquiries - Sunil Kedar

Nagpur, Dec 8: Farmers have suffered heavy losses due to heavy rains. The farmer is distraught. Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy Business Development and Youth Welfare Sunil Kedar ordered to go to the actual farm dam and conduct a panchnama. He said that the farmers would be compensated as soon as possible.
Inauguration of Orange Vaccine, Grading, Packaging and Processing Unit organized by Krishak Bharati Co-operative Company and Purchase and Sales Co-operative Society at Ubali in Kalmeshwar Taluka jointly organized by Navanant Shetkari Production Company at Mohpa. He was speaking at the time.
Farmers have a good role to play from Krishak Bharti Co-op. Farmers are getting quality seeds regularly through Kribhco and IFFCO. He said that both these companies are leading in the country.
Farmers will not get a fair rate unless they turn to self-trade. It is a matter of joy that the oranges and sweet oranges from here are going for sale in Kolkata as well as in Bangladesh due to the unit of the farmer producer company. In the same way, oranges should go to Europe and the Gulf countries, he said.