The name given to Sharad Pawar group can be used only till 'this' date!

The Election Commission on Tuesday judged the struggle between the nationalists and gave a big blow to the Sharad Pawar group and awarded the Nationalist Party and the watch symbol to the Ajit Pawar group. What Sharad Pawar group will do after this? What options before them? Also, there was a strong discussion about what symbol and name they would get.
The Election Commission has taken a decision in this regard today, henceforth Sharad Pawar's group has been named Nationalist Congress Party - Sharad Chandra Pawar, i.e. Nationalist Congress Party - Sharad Chandra Pawar. Meanwhile, MP Praful Patel of NCP Ajit Pawar group has informed about how long this new name can be used.
Praful Patel said that I have read the leaflet given by the Election Commission and it has been mentioned in the last paragraph that one time name has been given for the Rajya Sabha elections. Therefore, this name can be used only for the Rajya Sabha elections i.e. till February 27. Sharad Pawar group can get another name after the Rajya Sabha elections.
Now we have to go through all the process in Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Legislative Council. After any decision we have to file a caveat in court, so we did. Patel also said that there is no superpower behind us, it is all legal order.
After the NCP was given to Ajit Pawar's group by the Election Commission, now Sharad Pawar's group has been given a new name. This name is 'Nationalist Congress Party - Sharad Chandra Pawar'. As directed by the Election Commission, the Sharad Pawar group had suggested three options. Election Commission has accepted the name of 'Nationalist Congress Party - Sharad Chandra Pawar'. That has paved the way for him to face the Rajya Sabha elections with a solid name.