'Har Ghar Tiranga' has given employment to 1 million people, turnover of 600 crores

Independence Day 2023 : The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) is working hard to promote and propagate Prime Minister Modi's Har Ghar Tricolor campaign. It is estimated that this campaign will generate a turnover of approximately 600 crores. Approximately 35 crore tricolor flags will be sold this year. Last year the sales figure was around 500 crores.
CAT National President BC Bharatia has appealed to all traders in the country to hoist the flag on their premises between August 13 and 15. In addition, he has also instructed his employees to distribute the tricolor flag. So that everyone can fly the flag at their homes. According to Kat, the campaign has led to patriotism and self-employment opportunities on a large scale.
The Har Ghar Tiranga campaign provided employment to more than 10 lakh people, and lakhs of people took advantage of this opportunity to hoist the Tricolor flag from house to house at the local level. The SME sector worked round the clock to manufacture the Indian flag in a large scale and in the most efficient manner.
There are usually several types of flags in different sizes. The sizes of these flags are 6800x4200 mm to 3600x2400 mm, 1800x1200 mm to 1350x900 mm, 900x600 mm to 450x300 mm, 225x150 mm and 150x150 mm.