Ban on Test for 2 months in Kota Ki Coaching

- 2 students committed suicide in 4 hours on Sunday, 24 died in 8 months
Quota. The suicide of students in Kota has not stopped. Students are constantly dying here under the pressure of studying. On Sunday too, two students committed suicide after being fed up with low numbers in the test series. After this the district collector has banned the taking of test in coachings. At present, the ban has been imposed for two months.
Two students committed suicide within 4 hours of each other on Sunday. In this way, 24 cases have been reported from January to August 28 this year. Among them, 13 students had less than two-three months to one year since they came to Kota. 7 students had taken admission in this coaching institute from one and a half months to 5 months ago. Apart from these, two cases of attempted suicide have also been reported.
One jumped from the sixth floor, the other set a trap
ASP Bhagwat Singh Hingad said that at around 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, Aviskar Sambhaji Kasle (16), a resident of Latur (Maharashtra), committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor of the coaching institute in Kota. The student was living in Talwandi area for 3 years. He was preparing properly here. He came to take the test at the Coaching Institute located at Road No. 1 on Sunday.
Adarsh (18) was found hanging from his waist in the landmark area of Kunhadi at 7 pm on Sunday. Adarsh was a resident of Rohithas district of Bihar. This quota was introduced 4 months ago for student NEET preparation. I was staying here with my brother and sister in a flat in Landmark area.