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In hingna MLA Sameer Meghe is in danger ... Mahavikasaghadi is in advance

Nagpur, Dec. 11: Nagpur Zilla Parishad results in Hingana assembly constituency. Sameer Meghe's mouth watered. In the 2024 elections, there were indications that the Mahavikas Aghadi would grab this seat.
Come on. Sameer Meghe is rich in grains and tools. That is why BJP had handed over the responsibility of the district. Besides, logistics had also come from BJP. Compared to that, financial support from Congress was negligible. The candidates were spending their money. However, the leadership support was strong. Activists and leaders were stubbornly on fire. Its fruit got the lead. But the clouds were shocked. During the bad days of the party, father and son held the hand of BJP. She had mines now. The Congress-Rakonai has hit the cloud house.
 The result was ...
In the by-elections of three Zilla Parishads and four Panchayat Samiti in Hingana taluka, the BJP suffered a major setback. Congress candidate Sanjay Jagtap won the Nildoh-Vaddhamana seat and revived the Congress in the taluka after 14 years.
After 2007, the Congress did not win any Zilla Parishad or Panchayat Samiti elections. The taluka had by-elections for three Zilla Parishad and four Panchayat Samiti seats. Out of three Zilla Parishads, Congress won one, NCP one and BJP one. In the Panchayat Samiti, the NCP got two seats, the Congress one and the BJP one. NCP retained Digdoh Zilla Parishad seat and grabbed Panchayat Samiti seat from BJP. Rashmi Kotgule won from Zilla Parishad circle and defeated BJP's Suchita Thackeray. In Panchayat Samiti, NCP's Umesh Singh Rajput won. From Digdoh-Isasani, BJP retained Zilla Parishad seat and got Panchayat Samiti seat from NCP. When BJP's Archana Kailash Giri won, she defeated NCP's Geeta Harinkhede. BJP's Liladhar Patel won from Panchayat Samiti. In this election, Nildoh-Waddhamana Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti seats were won by Congress from BJP and Congress' Sanjay Jagtap won. He dusted off BJP's Rajendra Harde. Vaishali Kachore of Congress won from Panchayat Samiti. Neri Mankar was the seat of Panchayat Samiti held by NCP. In a direct fight, NCP's Rupali Praveen Khade defeated BJP's Anupama Vaidya. In this election, NCP managed to retain one Zilla Parishad and two Panchayat Samiti seats. The BJP, however, lost a Zilla Parishad and a Panchayat Samiti. Congress has got representation from taluka in Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti. This victory has raised the spirits of Congress and RAKO workers. BJP MLAs are shocked to see the decline of BJP.