Maratha reservation: Manoj Jarange again sat on fast unto death

- Said, if I do not get reservation this time, I will contest Maharashtra assembly elections
Mumbai. The issue of Maratha reservation demand has come up once again. Maratha reservation movement leader Manoj Jarange has again sat on fast unto death. He says that if Maratha reservation is not given this time, he will contest Maharashtra assembly elections.
He said, 'If our demands are not met, we will field our candidates on all 288 seats in the upcoming assembly elections. This will include candidates from all castes and religions. So the responsibility for this will be of the government. After that, the government will have no place to talk.'
Manoj Jarange Patil is sitting on fast unto death in Antarwali Sairat village of Jalna. However, the police has not given him permission to fast. Even before the Lok Sabha elections, Manoj Jarange had gone on hunger strike twice (20-27 January and 10-26 February). Then the Maharashtra government had ended the fast by accepting some conditions. On January 27, CM Shinde made Jarange end his fast by feeding him juice with his own hands in Navi Mumbai. Jarange had started a protest march from Jalna on January 20 with lakhs of supporters.