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New rules of NMC will increase the difficulties of doctors
New Delhi. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued new rules, due to which the difficulties of doctors are going to increase. As per the new rules, all doctors will have to prescribe generic medicines, failing which they will be penalized and even get their license to practice suspended.
What was there in the earlier rule?
The National Medical Commission (NMC) in its 'Regulations relating to Professional Conduct of Registered Medical Practitioners' has also asked doctors to avoid prescribing branded generic medicines. Even though doctors are now required to prescribe generic drugs, no penal provision has been mentioned in the rules issued by MNCs in 2002.
What has changed in the new rule?
The NMC rules, notified on August 2, said that out-of-pocket expenditure on medicines in India constitutes a major portion of public expenditure on healthcare. It is reported that generic drugs are 30 to 80 percent cheaper than branded drugs. Therefore, prescribing generic drugs can bring down the cost of the drugs.
Why the emphasis on generic drugs?
Explain that a branded generic drug is one that has gone off patent and is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and sold under the brand names of different companies. These drugs may be less expensive than the branded patent version, but costlier than the bulk-manufactured generic version of the drug.