Hamas terrorists beheaded 40 children!

-somewhere sleeping people were locked in the house and set on fire
-More than 250 people lost their lives in the festival
-Electricity supply disrupted in the entire Gaza Strip, the area is in complete darkness.
Tel Aviv. Today is the fifth day of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. On the morning of October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel with five thousand rockets. The attack happened so fast that by the time Israel could understand anything, Hamas terrorists had entered Israel. After this, these terrorists started killing whatever they saw. After four days, their barbarity is coming to light. First, these terrorists gunned down about 250 people at a music festival. At the same time, Hamas terrorists killed more than 40 Israeli children by slitting their throats.
40 children were killed
According to the report of i24 News, Hamas terrorists killed 40 small children in the houses of Kafr Aja village near the Israel border. The terrorists had severed the heads of some of these children with a pot. At the same time, Hamas terrorists killed some people while they were sleeping in their beds. Hamas had captured this village for two days. Apart from this, Hamas terrorists did not spare even animals. The terrorists shot dogs and other animals at many places. Israel has also released a video of this, in which Hamas terrorists are seen firing bullets at the dogs.
Brutality of Hamas terrorists in video
While sharing a video of this barbarity of Hamas terrorists on social media platform, Israel wrote - We did not want to share this video, but could not stop ourselves. It is very important for the world to know how Hamas terrorists imprisoned living people in their houses and set them on fire. Dogs were shot and killed without any reason. This is Hamas. This is ISIS. In the video you can see how a terrorist took out cold water from the fridge and set it on fire while leaving the house.
The death toll increased to 1830
After the attack by Hamas extremists on Israel, the Israeli Army has retaliated with a massive attack on the Gaza Strip. 1830 people from both sides have lost their lives in the attack. The Palestinian Health Ministry gave this information on Tuesday. He said that 830 people of Gaza Strip have died and 4250 people have been injured. Reports of death of more than 1000 Israeli civilians are coming in the Hamas attack.
Meanwhile, Israel's state-owned Kan TV news reported that at least 1,008 people have been killed in Israel since Hamas launched a surprise attack on the country on Saturday. Reports are being received that more than 1830 people from both sides were killed in the war.
Saudi Arabia announces aid of Rs 2 crore to Palestine
Many western countries including America, Britain, France and India have supported Israel, while Islamic countries are coming forward to help Palestine. On one hand, Saudi Arabia is continuously discussing this issue at the international level, on the other hand, Egypt has announced to send humanitarian aid to Palestine. Meanwhile, UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has announced $20 million in aid for Palestinian citizens. According to the report, this aid amount will be given to Palestine in the near future through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
America sent ammunition
The first US plane carrying ammunition to help the country in its ongoing conflict with Gaza's ruling faction, Hamas, and militants in Lebanon, arrived in Israel last night, the Israeli military said. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a statement that the plane carrying "advanced munitions" landed at Nevatim airbase in Israel's southern Negev desert. US Central Command said in a statement that the USS Gerald R. The Ford Carrier Strike Group arrived in the eastern Mediterranean to prevent any actions attempting to escalate the situation or widen the war.
Electricity supply halted in Gaza Strip, complete darkness
According to Al Jazeera, after the Israeli attacks the electricity supply has come to a standstill in the entire Gaza. Thafer Melhem, chairman of the Palestinian Energy Authority, told Voice of Palestine radio that the Gaza Strip's only power plant has run out of fuel. Due to this, the electricity supply of the entire area has stopped. Emergency lights of hospitals will be able to operate only for 2 days. After capturing the Gaza border on October 9, Israel had stopped the electricity supply to Gaza.
Accused of firing phosphorus bomb
Before this, Palestine has accused Israel of firing phosphorus bombs. According to Palestine's news agency 'Wafa', the Israeli army used a phosphorus bomb banned by Israel on the city of Al-Karama adjacent to Gaza. The oxygen level in the area where these bombs fall reduces. Its particles are so small that they enter the human body.