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He will go from house to house and give deworming pills to the students - Deworming Week

Nagpur, Dec 15: Considering the possibility of worms getting into the stomachs of students through unhygienic hands due to contact with soil, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation will conduct a massive public awareness campaign for students to take deworming pills. Deworming Week is being organized from 21st to 28th September. As the school is currently closed, all the students will be given deworming pills through door-to-door hope workers.
 Detailed information was given in the meeting of the task force held at the Commissioner's Hall at the Corporation Headquarters. The meeting was attended by Additional Commissioner Ram Joshi and Additional Medical Health Officer Dr. Narendra Bahirwar, Dr. Dr. Vijay Joshi, WHO Survey Officer Sajid Khan, Education Officer Preeti Mishrikotkar, Nodal Officer Dr. Dr. Manju Vaidya, Nodal Officer, Covid Vaccination Govardhan Navkhare was present.