Israel evacuated 11 lakh people warned to leave Gaza

Tel Aviv. The war between Israel and Hamas continues and the crisis is deepening day by day. The Israeli army has made preparations for a possible ground attack in Gaza on Thursday. It has been told by the United Nations that Israel has ordered 11 lakh people in Northern Gaza to leave their place. On the other hand, Hamas asked the Palestinians living in Gaza not to leave their homes.
There was a shocking attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas on Saturday, October 7. In the midst of the war, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has left for the Middle East. Apart from his visit, now Defense Minister Lloyd Austin is also going to visit Israel. So far, at least 2800 people have died from both sides in this war and several thousand people are injured.
Israeli embassy employee attacked
An employee of the Israeli Embassy in China has been attacked with a knife. Due to this, the crisis regarding the security of Israeli diplomats has increased around the world. The identity of the Israeli ambassador has not been revealed yet.
Hamas said, no one will go
The Israeli army on Friday asked all citizens of Gaza City to evacuate the southern part. The statement from the Israel Defense Forces said that for their own safety, the IDF appeals to all citizens of Gaza City to evacuate from their homes to the south and go to the area south of Wadi Gaza.
Pressure on Saudi Arabia for talks
The US pressured Saudi Arabia to negotiate with Hamas for the release of the hostages.
attacks in syria also
On the other hand, Syrian government media has reported that Israel has targeted the international airports of Damascus and the northern city of Aleppo on Thursday. Due to this their runways were damaged.