Silence, deserted roads, forced to hide in bunker...

-This is the condition of Israel amidst war
Tel Aviv. The citizens here are in bad shape due to the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza. So far 1600 people from both sides have been killed. If we talk about Israel, then around 900 civilians and soldiers have been killed in the attacks.
There is such an atmosphere of fear that there is silence on the streets. To keep themselves safe, people are forced to stay hidden in their homes.
People forced to hide in home bunkers
While taking stock of the atmosphere on the streets of Ashkelon, the team of journalists talked with a local woman, Avishak Avinoam, inside the car. He told how despite it being the festive season, the roads were lying empty. People are forced to stay in safe places in their homes. He told that old houses did not have a safe place, but since 1980, it is mandatory for every house built in Israel to have a safe place.
Silence on the streets during the festive season
Whichever road you pass through, it appears completely deserted. All vehicles are parked on the streets. Hardly any vehicle is seen moving on the road, whereas generally the scene here is not like this. Avishak Avinoam said that there is a lot of traffic on the roads during festival time. People have a lot of fun. They meet their families and friends. But in view of the war situation, everyone is hiding in the bunkers built in their homes. There is silence on the streets. The echo of rockets is heard everywhere in the sky. Due to the repeated rocket attacks, people are hiding in bunkers due to security reasons. That is why there is silence in the city.
Destruction in Gaza due to Israeli action!
After the attack on Israel by Hamas, the Israeli army's bombardment for the last 72 hours has caused massive destruction in the Gaza Strip. Israel's Air Force has launched such an attack on Gaza, after which Hamas terrorists are terrified. Israel has destroyed more than 1700 Hamas bases in Gaza. These include 475 rocket systems and 73 command centers of Hamas. On Monday, the Israeli Air Force fixed 130 targets and destroyed them within three hours. Israel also attacked 23 buildings used by Hamas terrorists. Apart from this, 22 underground bases were also destroyed. Palestine's Health Ministry says Israeli bombings in Gaza have turned buildings into piles of debris.
704 Palestinians were killed, including 143 children and 105 women, while 4,000 were injured. At least a million people have been internally displaced in Gaza in the three days since the conflict began. Mass displacement has increased across the Gaza Strip in the past hours, with the number of people forced from their homes exceeding 1.87 thousand. Has reached.
The people of India stand with you:
Modi assured Israel
New Delhi. India's big statement has come out on the fourth day of Israel and Hamas war. Prime Minister Narendra Modi supported Israel. He tweeted on X and shared the details of his mobile conversation with Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Meanwhile PM Modi wrote on X that I thank Prime Minister @Netanyahu for his phone call and providing updates on the ongoing situation. The people of India stand firmly with Israel in this difficult time. India strongly and unequivocally condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
7000 people of Kerala stranded in Israel
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan met Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has been urged to ensure the safety of Indian citizens in Israel. Expressing concern over the situation of Indian citizens in Israel, Vijayan said that about 7000 people from Kerala are stranded there and due to the ongoing war situation, they are going through a very difficult period.