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12 lakh Nagpur residents planted Korena vaccine

Nagpur, Dec 14: A total of 18 lakh doses of first and second doses have been administered in the city of Nagpur so far under the Covid Preventive Vaccination Program. Till September 13, 1274937 citizens of Nagpur city have taken the first dose and 551115 citizens have taken the second dose.
So far, a total of 1826052 doses of the first and second corona vaccines have been administered from the Corporation's vaccination centers, government and private centers. A large scale vaccination campaign is being carried out in Nagpur city to prevent the spread of corona infection. Municipal Corporation is also implementing various initiatives to ensure that every person above 18 years of age gets vaccinated. Vaccination is at your doorstep. The Corporation's health team goes to the slums and counsels the citizens for vaccination and those who have not yet been vaccinated are being vaccinated at their homes.
Vaccination was started in phases in Nagpur. In the first phase, health workers and front line workers, in the second phase, senior citizens above 60 years and above 45 years of age with serious illness, in the third phase all persons above 45 years of age, in the fourth phase all persons above 30 years of age and in the fifth phase all persons above 18 years of age were vaccinated. It is happening from more than 160 centers. Due to proper crowd planning and widespread public awareness, the city of Nagpur crossed the 10 lakh milestone of the first dose of vaccination on August 5. Today, the number of both doses has reached 18 lakhs. The first and second doses were taken by 75496 health workers, 92312 front line workers, 711679 persons in the age group of 18 to 44 years, 443138 persons in the age group of 45 to 60 years, 131562 persons in the age group of 45 to 60 years and 371865 persons in the age group of 60 years.