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One woman lives with two ... New Marathi Web Series

Mumbai, Dec 28: Marathi art and literature culture is reaching a new stage. It is moving towards modernity. Marathi series also started to be women dominated now. Women are moving towards power. Women are seen in leading roles. A new web series consistent with the changing times A woman lives with two men. What will be the relationship between them. Does the woman live with these two? Key selects a few more options, bringing a new web series 'Planet Marathi OTT' based on the same 'Polyamory' concept for its audience.
Actors Mrinmayi Deshpande, Shashank Ketkar and Abhijeet Khandkekar are playing the lead roles in the web series 'Soppam Nasat Kahi' directed by Mayuresh Joshi.
This is the next step after 'Live in Relationship'. One woman, two men. There are two women and one man. Indians are familiar with these stories. But in the West, a woman lives with two men. People's attitudes are changing. There are such families in Nagpur too. However, these types are increasing among the younger generation in foreign countries. How they will live. This intriguing web series from August 31st.