The one who murdered 17 patients Nurse sentenced to 760 years!

-She used to take life by giving lethal dose of insulin, used to say- now you will die
Washington. American nurse Heather Presdi has been sentenced by the court for killing several patients and attempting to kill some. The court found Heather from Pennsylvania state of America guilty of killing at least 17 people and described her act as horrifying. After this, on Saturday the court sentenced him to 380 to 760 years in jail in different cases.
Heather had given lethal doses of insulin to many patients for three years. The court found that Heather was responsible for the deaths of at least 17 patients across five hospitals between 2020 and 2023. In some cases, while giving the injection, he told the patient that now he will die.
Nurse Heather Presdi was accused of giving excessive amounts of insulin to 22 patients during her night shift. Some of these patients were also those who did not have diabetes. Excessive insulin levels can lead to hypoglycemia, increased heartbeat, and even heart attack. Most of these patients died immediately or shortly after taking the dose. The age of those who died was between 43 and 104 years.
Accusations of murder were made in May last year
The police started investigation after Heather was accused of murdering two patients in May last year. Many more allegations also came to light against him in the investigation. Along with the patients' families, Heather's co-workers also testified against her in court. Many revelations were also made regarding his behavior in the court. She worked several jobs in nursing homes from 2018 to 2023.