Decision of Cabinet meeting

Department of Law and Justice

District and Civil Courts will be established at various places in the state, creation of posts will also be approved

A decision was taken in the cabinet meeting held today to establish courts and create posts in Mangaon, Ramtek, Igatpuri, Belapur, Karjat, Y, Yewla, Paranda. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde presided over the meeting.


District Court (Senior Level) has been established at Mangaon in Raigad-Alibag district and 20 posts are being approved. It will cost 1 crore 11 lakh 31 thousand.

A civil court (senior level) will be established at Ramtek in Nagpur district. For this, 14 regular posts and one post will be filled through external system.

A Civil Court (Senior Level) will be established at Igatpuri in Nashik District. 20 posts have been sanctioned for this. An expenditure of 98 lakh 83 thousand 724 was approved for this.

In Thane District, Navi Mumbai, Belapur District Judge and Additional Sessions Court were also approved to set up District Court (Senior Level) at Belapur itself. For the District Court, 19 regular posts of District Judge will be created and 5 posts will be filled through external system. Whereas 16 regular posts and 4 posts through external mechanism were approved for the higher level court. District Court will cost 1 Crore 4 Lakh 68 thousand 294 while for High Court it will cost 93 Lakh 93 thousand 998.

A family court was established at Belapur itself and 14 posts were approved for this purpose. Similarly, 5 posts of marriage counselor and their assistant will also be filled at this place. It will cost one crore 31 lakh 96 thousand 196.

By establishing the office of Civil Judge (Senior Level) at Karjat in Ahmednagar district, 19 posts of which 16 are regular and 3 through external system will be filled. One crore 23 lakh 57 thousand 834 rupees will be spent for this.

A District and Additional Sessions Court will be established at Y in Satara district and 24 posts will be created. 1 crore 3 lakh 53 thousand 220 will be spent for this. Similarly, Civil Court (Senior Level) was established at Y and 20 such posts were approved through 16 regular and 4 external mechanisms. This will cost 93 lakh 96 thousand 652.

A District and Additional Sessions Court will be established at Paranda in Osmanabad District. For this, 25 such posts will be created through 19 regular posts and 6 through external system. 1 crore 46 lakh rupees is expected to be spent for this.

District and Additional Sessions Court will be established at Yewala in Nashik District. 25 posts have been sanctioned for this. It is expected to cost 1 crore 5 lakh 57 thousand 706 for this.


Department of Energy

Electricity Towers and Channels Improvement Policy

A revised proposal for compensation of land for towers for extra high pressure transmission lines was approved in the Cabinet meeting held today. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde presided over the meeting.

Land is not acquired for setting up power towers and channels. Only land is used. Compensation is paid for the loss of land and crops while erecting the tower. But for this, the existing policy of the government has been amended. The current policy is strongly opposed by the affected farmers and landowners as the compensation they get is meager. Due to this, various projects of transmission companies have been stalled. The new policy will speed up construction of towers and channels and help in power generation.

As per this revised policy, 66 KV. And for the extra high pressure transmission lines of more than that capacity will be paid as follows.

Based on the land purchase and sale transaction during the read reckoner of the land occupied by the tower or the average rate in the last 3 years, whichever is higher, the compensation will be given.

A total of 30% will be paid for the area under the belt of channels passing through the tower plus 15% plus 15% of the ready reckoner or average rate whichever is higher.

Sub-Divisional Assessment Committee shall retain the power to determine appropriate remuneration in exceptional circumstances. No construction shall be permitted in the prescribed route of transmission channel. Compensation for crops, fruit trees or other trees will be given as per prevailing policy of concerned department. This policy will be applicable to entire Maharashtra including Mumbai and Mumbai suburb districts.

The compensation for the land affected by the tower will be deposited directly into the bank account of the concerned farmer as well as the land owner. This policy will be applicable to all existing and newly proposed very high pressure transmission line projects from the date of promulgation of the relevant government decision. There will be an Evaluation Committee headed by the Sub Divisional Officer to fix the remuneration.

In case of difficulty in implementation of this policy, a committee headed by the Principal Secretary, Department of Energy will take a decision to take a policy decision.