Demand to ban 'Adipurush', petition filed in High Court

Allegations of Hindu army, trying to make fun of Ramayana
Mumbai A few hours after the release of Adipurush film, a big ruckus has started. There has been a demand to ban the film, a petition has been filed in the High Court regarding this. It has been alleged by the Hindu army that many things were not shown properly in the film. It has even been said that an attempt has been made to make fun of Ramayana.
Demand to ban Adipurush
For information, let us tell you that Vishnu Gupta, the national president of Hindu Sena, has filed this petition in the court. It has been said that this film was made with the aim of defaming the culture. Now on one hand there is talk of banning the film in the country, whereas in Kathmandu, Nepal, the film has been stopped from its release. In fact Janaki has been called the daughter of Bharat in Adipurush. Now Nepal claims that this fact is wrong and should be rectified immediately.
... shouldn't have made these mistakes
By the way, even before this there has been a lot of uproar regarding Adipurush. When the teaser of the film came, there was a lot of ridicule regarding the graphics. After this the trailer got a decent response, but an atmosphere remained. Now that the film has released, people are divided into two camps. If one is liking the film because of Prabhas, then one is considering it as a big joke of Ramayana.
Most ruckus about dialogues
Most of the uproar is being seen regarding the dialogues of the film. Because of the way some dialogues have been written, people are considering it as an insult to Ramayana itself. For example, Hanuman says that he will plant Lanka, Ravana says - no work is a business and Ravana's demon says - this is not your aunt's garden. Because of all these dialogues, a negative atmosphere is being created on the social media regarding the film.