Need to address new challenges in agriculture sector - Dasaratha Tambhale

? Agriculture Day celebrated at Vanamati

Nagpur 1st July -: Former Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik revived the agriculture sector by making the country self-sufficient in foodgrains and overcame the adverse conditions of that time by providing employment to the laborers through the employment guarantee scheme. Inspired by his work, we celebrate Agriculture Day every year on his birth anniversary. At the present time, there is a need to pay attention to the new challenges in the agricultural sector such as climate change and developing the value chain of agricultural products, and for this, Dashrath Tambhale, director of Atma, Agriculture Commissionerate, Pune, appealed to take inspiration from Vasantrao Naik.
Agriculture Day was celebrated on the birth anniversary of former Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik at Vasantrao Naik State Agricultural Extension Management Institute (Vanamati) today. On this occasion Mr. Dashrath Tambhale was speaking from the presidential position. Director of Vanamati Dr. Dr. Mittali Sethi, Director of National Soil Survey and Land Use Planning Department. Nitin Patil, Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension Department, Hyderabad, Mahantesh Shirur, Director of Symbiosis, Dr. Altekar, Head of Agricultural Science Center Dr. Dr. Sunil Rokde, Scientist. Apturkar was present on the stage.
To overcome the environmental change, the government is implementing various environmental supplementary schemes like Nanaji Deshmukh Agricultural Sanjeevani Project and Organic Natural Farming Programme. Dashrath Tambhale further said that for the successful implementation of these projects of the government, farmers need training and training institutes need to be strengthened for this.
Director of Vanamati Mittali Sethi introduced the program. He informed about the ongoing training by Vanamati and future plans of Vanamati.
On this occasion, the website of was inaugurated by him. Also, the coffee table book 'A Journey Towards Extension Revolution' and the success story special issue 'Vistaar Vasant' were released by the dignitaries. A blood donation camp was also organized by Vanamati on this occasion.
In the second session of the program, a seminar was held on the topics of 'Effects of major crops on productivity due to changing climate and its solutions and climate-friendly agricultural technologies' as well as agricultural extension technologies and the emerging role of farmer production companies in agricultural production marketing system'.
Assistant Director Dr. Rajshree Pawar, Senior Training Coordinator Milind Tare and Training Coordinator Seema Mundle did this while Deputy Director Subodh Mohril thanked the attendees.
Director of Vanamati CPTP Suvarna Pandey, Additional Director Maroji Chapale, Deputy Director Nikhil Thombre and Manjusha Raut, as well as Dr. Ganesh Behre, Dr. Cash, Dr. DT Meshram, Dr. Naresh Meshram, Atma Director (Nagpur) Dr. Archana Kadu, Praful Bandebuche, Jaisingh Thorve, Satish Girsawle, Mahendra Tekade, Pratap Manglukar of Farmers Producers Company were present.