No charges for taking OPD form in AIIMS from November, free check up to Rs 300

New Delhi: This news is useful for those who want to get treatment at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Soon, patients coming for treatment at AIIMS Outpatient Department (OPD) will be treated on a slot basis. In this, the patients whose number will not come, they will have to wait in the waiting area and all such patients will be given a token. Priority will be given to pregnant, disabled, elderly and needy patients in the waiting list.

According to AIIMS Director Dr. M. Srinivas, this decision has been taken with the aim of controlling crowding in the OPD and improving the treatment system. Accordingly online appointment will be given slot wise in Rajkumari Amrit Kaur OPD and Surgical Block OPD. Depending on the time available on the appointment slip, patients can be shown in the OPD. Apart from this, slots will also be given to patients who reach OPD for treatment without online appointment. Such patients will have to wait in the waiting area until the time comes. Various facilities have been arranged for the patients in the waiting room. Apart from this, patients will also get information about their number here.
According to media reports, online appointment for treatment in AIIMS is starting from today. Also, from November 1, the facility of treating patients in the OPD will be started on the appointment received according to the slot. Queues for registration at AIIMS OPD start from morning. This decision has been taken to reduce it.
Thousands of people will benefit
Patients undergoing treatment at AIIMS will no longer have to pay any fee up to Rs 300. Along with this, the fee of Rs 10 charged for making the slip has also been cancelled. After that thousands of patients coming to AIIMS will get the benefit of this. Apart from this, now all tests up to Rs 300 will also be free. After the order, blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound etc. were made free in AIIMS.
Band to be given to patients
Bands will be given to patients coming for treatment at AIIMS. Those who do not get the number will be given an appointment through the kiosk.