Officer did not give side to the car Gouged out the eye of the truck driver

Lucknow. A heart-wrenching case has come to light in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. According to the information, for not giving side to the vehicle, an officer working in the Agriculture Department attacked the truck driver with a bar and broke his eye. Lucknow Police has registered a case and arrested the accused officer.
It is being told that on Thursday, in the Itaunja police station area of the capital Lucknow, the Assistant Agriculture Director pulled a truck driver down from the truck for not giving him a vehicle pass and beat him badly and hit him in the eye with a rod kept in the vehicle, which caused the truck driver to die. His eye got damaged.
Let us tell you that the car rider coming from behind on the way gave the horn to the truck driver several times, but due to lack of space ahead, the driver could not pass him. The car driver, enraged by this, somehow stopped the truck after overtaking him, took him down and started beating him on the middle of the road. In this anger, the car driver took out the rebar kept in his car and inserted it into the eyes of truck driver Sonu Pal. The truck driver started suffering from pain due to the bursting of his eyes.
passers-by nabbed the accused
Immediately after the incident, the passersby present at the spot caught the accused on the spot. The accused was imposing himself as the District Agriculture Officer, but during this time the police came to the spot and arrested him.