Poor's house demolished for Governor's program

Poor's house demolished for Governor's program
- 3 years old innocent said - Papa, I want bread; Father's answer - from where to get
Hamirpur. Papa roti, papa roti... These are the words of a 3 year old child, whose house was collapsing in front of his eyes. But the child, troubled by hunger, was holding his father and asking him for bread. And the father says to him, ' Now eat bread later. Where will you make bread? Where will you sit and eat?’ After hearing this, the child starts crying even louder.
Actually, there is a program of Governor Anandiben Patel on August 4 in Hamirpur. The administration has almost completed all the preparations regarding this. The program venue has been decorated including repair of roads, route diversion. However, in the midst of these preparations, a poor family has become homeless.
The campus where the Governor's program is to be held. Adjacent to it was a single storey house of a poor family. He got this house under the CM Awas Yojana. He was living here since 2017. The bulldozer of the administration went on the same house on Monday late night.
Santosh's son kept crying for bread
Santosh lives in Kalpavriksha locality with his wife Seema and 4 children. But, today he and his family are homeless. His wife was sitting on the side of the border road with a 15-day-old baby in her lap. At the same time, Santosh's 3-year-old son, troubled by hunger, kept asking his father for bread again and again. He was asking his father to walk in the same broken house to make bread.