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Settle on the agitation against agricultural laws in two weeks; Supreme Court

New Delhi: The farmers' agitation against agricultural laws on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border is causing traffic jams. The petition was heard in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has slammed the Center and the state government over traffic congestion during the hearing. The government will have to come up with a solution to prevent traffic jams in this manner.

Farmers have the right to agitate. But the Supreme Court has said it cannot cause traffic jams. The apex court has warned the Center and the Uttar Pradesh government to resolve the issue within two weeks. The government has got a lot of time so far and needs to find a solution. The Central and State Governments should co-operate with each other so that ordinary citizens are not harmed. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for September 20.
The Uttar Pradesh government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court in view of the farmers' agitation. The affidavit states that the agitators were interacting with the farmers. Most of the protesters have been shown to be elderly. The petition has been filed as the farmers have to face many difficulties due to agitation and road closure. It has been mentioned that it takes two hours instead of half an hour to travel from Noida to Delhi.