The goal of development can be achieved only through data base management

Information on the implementation of various schemes from the World Bank team
Statistical information needed to support policy and implementation
Nagpur D.29 : To achieve the desired goal of development, database management must be competent. District level statistics are taken as basis for planning and actual implementation. Therefore, the system for collecting updated information needs to be more capable and based on that, the implementation of various schemes has been made easier, Divisional Commissioner Smt. Vijayalakshmi Bidari informed today.
In the auditorium of the Divisional Commissioner's Office, the World Bank team met with the District Collector and Finance and Statistics, District Planning Department officials to explore the challenges related to data base management, strengthening and modernization of the state level statistical ecosystem, policy and implementation in the state with the help of database.
Thomas Danielwitz, Senior Statistician, World Bank, Program Manager, Department of Economic Development, Mrs. Malar Veerappan, Global Expert, National Statistical System, Prof. Paul Cheung, Mrs. Shreya Dutta of Poverty and Equity Global Practice, Co-Director of Department of Economics Pramod Kembhavi, Head of Department of Statistics, Government College of Science Dr. Sandhya Dabha was present on this occasion.
Data base management is essential for balanced and holistic development of the district. In this regard, the representatives of the World Bank had given a questionnaire to the District Collector regarding the data base in the district. In this, the basis of available data while making plans and actual implementation as well as policy making, along with the use of available data system for the implementation of 42 indicators decided by Niti Aayog, the structure of District Planning Board and the actual method of implementation was learned.
While taking detailed information about the plans implemented at the central and state level and the basis of the database used for the same and the implementation accordingly, is it possible to achieve the development goal by using the system and data provided for health, agriculture, rural development etc. schemes or is there a need for change in this system? , took information in this regard from the District Collector. Analysis of the available information as well as further improvement and generalization of this method were discussed in detail.
Divisional Commissioner Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Bidari gave information about the accuracy and method of data collection while collecting information under the e-Peak inspection and e-Panchnama activities being implemented in Nagpur division. As this information is also available on the dashboard, along with the revenue agriculture department, actual farmers can also upload their information. He also said that this experiment is being implemented on a pilot basis in Nagpur division and accurate information can be made available through database management.
Initially, detailed information was given about the structure of the District Planning Committee in Nagpur Division, the plans implemented under it, as well as the statistical information available while preparing the plan, the basis of data base in natural disaster management.
Divisional Commissioner Mrs. Bidari welcomed the representatives of World Bank. Dhananjay Sutte, Deputy Commissioner of Planning Department, made the introduction. All the district planning officers of the department were present in the meeting.