Father wanted to do second marriage, son murdered for protesting

The dead body was thrown into the Hindon river, a friend was also included in the conspiracy
Meerut. A story of murder has come to the fore from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, in which every character is tied in a string of relationships. A father became the murderer of his only son. You will be surprised to hear the way he conspired for the murder and involved his friend. The dead body was also disposed of, but the police exposed the conspiracy and arrested the murderer's father and his friend and recovered the dead body as well.
Sachin, 27, was murdered and the body was thrown into the Hindon river. Sachin was murdered by none other than his father retired soldier Sanjeev Kumar Talian. Sanjeev wanted to marry a woman, son Sachin opposed. It is discussed that he had illegal relations with many women.
It was from here that the enmity started between the father and the only son. The father conspired with his friend Amit to get the son out of the way. The son was given betel nut for Rs 5 lakh and then on August 19, he was called to a deserted place and given alcohol.
hit with a bottle of wine
As soon as Sachin got drunk, Amit hit him on the head with a bottle of liquor. Then father Sanjeev and Amit also hit him several times on his head. Sachin kept on screaming, but father Sanjeev was bleeding so much on his head that the son's scream got buried in him and finally he died.
Sachin's mother Munesh was hospitalized due to illness. When the son did not reach the hospital from Chur village in Sardhana to see his mother, she got scared. On August 24, a missing case was registered at Sardhana police station and on August 26, a case of her kidnapping was registered.
dead body found in baghpat
When the mother expressed the apprehension of untoward incident, the police strictly questioned the father Sanjeev on the basis of suspicion, then it was exposed. It was learned that his friend Amit along with retired army father Sanjeev killed Sachin and threw the dead body and his bike into the Hindon river.
Police took the help of divers in Hindon on the trail of both the murderers, after which the body was recovered from Pilana village of Doghat police station area of Baghpat and sent for postmortem. Sachin has said goodbye to this world, father is behind the bars of the jail and crying mother is shedding tears on her helplessness.